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California employment-rights attorneys agree that meal break, rest break and overtime wage violations are a major concern in today's workplace. That's why our law firm fights for employee equality, and so should you. But our work does not stop there; we also see consumers defrauded daily by the promises of big corporations and we're here to end those practices too. We are an Oakland, California-based law practice devoted to protecting employees and consumers in the areas of:

Big corporations are well-represented and, unless workers and consumers have the benefit of great lawyers beside them, ordinary people will suffer. That's why our attorneys protect people, not companies. When we accept a case, we fight hard for our clients, as our success rate shows. If your workplace rights have been violated, or you purchased a product or service due to false advertising, you need an established, aggressive law firm that will help get you paid, whether it is through a lawsuit or cash settlement. And, remember, whether you simply want free legal advice about your rights, or you decide to pursue a lawsuit, there is no fee and no cost directly to you.

Whatever your goal, e-mail us or submit a claim to learn more. It's absolutely free and confidential.