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California employment attorneys agree that discrimination, meal/rest break, overtime and minimum wage violations are a growing concern in today's workplaces. That's why our law firm fights for employee/employer equality, and so should you. Whether you are a current or prior employee, independent contractor or employer, we are available to help defend your rights. We are an Oakland, California-based law practice devoted to employment rights issues including discrimination, overtime pay, meal/rest breaks, expense reimbursements, minimum wage and related violations.

When we accept a case, we fight very hard for our clients, as our success rate shows. To the ordinary person or business, navigating workplace laws can be challenging and, if you intend to pursue or have been the target of litigation, you are going to need an established, aggressive law firm on your side. For well over two decades, we’ve been that firm to tens of thousands of satisfied clients.

Contact us today--completely free and confidentially--to find out what we can do for you.