For employees, it's about getting paid for your time. There's no need to apologize for it. You earned it. Why should your employer keep it?

For employers, it's about being treated fairly and being counseled as toward the best course of action in the face of threatened or filed litigation. Sometimes, that means advising a settlement; other times, that means fighting hard to defend all that your company has built.

What we do at SCA is get employers and employees on a level playing field, and that means (barring some conflict of interest) we are available to help both sides.

More for the Workers:
For well over two decades, our firm has been highly successful for one reason: we're really good at convincing companies to stop discrimination, pay their workers for overtime hours and meal and rest breaks, and to reimburse them for business expenses when they don't otherwise want to. If you think you might be misclassified as "salaried," not gotten every break to which you are legally entitled or otherwise deprived of money you earned or spent on your employer's behalf, you really owe it to yourself to call or email us to see if we can help.

More for the Employers:
We are here for you as well. We are not fundamentally biased for or against either side of a dispute; we are biased in favor of our client and in favor of Justice . . . period. Justice demands both sides be fairly represented. If you retain our services, you can be sure we will fight aggressively for you and, given our substantial background representing both sides in such situations, you can be sure we are in an excellent position to predict what the other side is likely to do, usually even before they figure it out.

Whatever your situation or side of the dispute, call us. You have nothing to lose and, potentially, everything to gain.