Because class action litigation is such a powerful tool for making change in the workplace, it is tough for us not to make news from time to time. Here is a sampling of the public’s interest in overtime pay, off-the-clock, minimum wage and expense reimbursement class action cases as well as a few publications of our own:

Slate Magazine, January 2016: Stretched Thin, Personal Trainers are Overworked and Underpaid
Daily Journal, December 2014: Employment Firms Slice Up a Shrinking Pie
Food Navigator-USA. October 2013 : Safeway hit with false advertising lawsuit over using synthetic ingredients in '100% natural' products
Top Class Actions. November 2013 : Class Action Lawsuit Targets Whole Foods Baked Goods
The New York Times, June 2012: Apple's Retail Army, Long on Loyalty but Short on Pay
Yahoo! Finance, March 2011: Did Apple Overwork Its 'Geniuses'? Lawsuit Moves Ahead, October 2010: Apple Plaintiffs Bring On Ads In IPad Overheating Suit
Legal Management, March/April 2010: SCA Leads the Way in Law Firm Management
CFO Magazine, March 2010: Cracking Down on Independent Contractors Small Business Monthly. January 2010: Meal Period Violations on the Rise, October 2009: Jack in the Box workers most likely get Jack in Overtime Lawsuits
Merced Sunstar, September 2009: Jack in the Box bankruptcies put California worker lawsuit in limbo
Yahoo! Finance, May 2009: Scott Cole & Associates Announces court certification of hundreds of Dollar Tree Store Managers
San Francisco Chronicle, March 2009: Aggrieved Kinko’s bosses can sue company
The Recorder, October 2007: Overtime: Take Two
Press Release, August 2007: Federal Judge approves SCA class action against Best Buy for security checks
Press Release, June 2007: Scott Cole & Associates Announces Tens of Millions of Dollars Paid To UPS Delivery Drivers
The Recorder, September 2006: Rite Aid worker survey carries side effects
Los Angeles Times, July 2003: Accord Reached in Suit Over Tire Dump Fire
Modesto Bee, July 2003: Tire Fire Settlement Passed
San Mateo Daily Journal, April 2003: Odwalla faces suit over wage dispute
Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, March 2003: Ex:workers: Coca:Cola retaliated for lawsuit
California Lawyer, Sept. 2002: Back Pay or Payback?
Los Angeles Daily Journal, August 2002: Seven Coca Cola Employees File Overtime Complaints
Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, May 2002: Employees accuse Coke of destroying evidence


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