Did you ever wonder why your bonus was so low (or non-existent), when you thought you and/or your department were doing so well? Have you ever wondered what you could do about it?

Employers are prohibited from deducting from any hourly employee’s wages/bonuses any cash shortages, breakage or loss of equipment unless it can be shown that the loss was caused by a dishonest/willful act or gross negligence of that employee. Moreover, in many situations, employers cannot reduce a bonus for reasons outside of the employee's control. Clearly, this case puts all bonus plans under the microscope and has made the validity of such plans one of today’s hottest legal issues.

Determining whether a particular bonus plan is legal may not be obvious to the average citizen, yet it is important to know your rights. Get informed!

The legal system is set up to “level the playing field” and give workers the power to correct workplace abuses. Scott Cole & Associates has served California’s workforce for many years as one of the state’s most respected workers’ rights law firms and has recovered massive and record-setting settlements for employees for workplace abuses.

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