Scott Cole & Associates has distinguished itself as one of California’s most prestigious law firms because of the high caliber of our attorneys’ work. Our staff is action-oriented and committed to the highest standards of professionalism and excellence.

To build upon this success, we must continue to hire more uncommonly talented people, women and men who are eager to participate in high-profile litigation, often resulting in headline-making deals. We take our recruiting process seriously and we only seek out exceptional people with top academic records and skill sets and who demonstrate superior initiative, creativity and interpersonal skills. Our exciting practice area and career opportunities attract individuals from diverse racial, religious and ethnic backgrounds.

Application Process
If you are interested in pursuing a career with us, please forward to our Office Manager the following items:

  • A letter, identifying the position for which you wish to be considered and detailing why you feel you can make a difference at Scott Cole & Associates.
  • A current resume.
  • If applying for a summer associate or attorney position, please also include a recent writing sample, exhibiting your best legal work, and a copy of your most recent academic transcript, if available.

Interview Process
If invited to visit the firm for an interview, you will usually meet one or more of our attorneys and our Office Manager. Soon thereafter, you should receive notification of our decision of employment or our desire to have you return for a “call-back” interview. If you do receive an offer, we will provide you with the opportunity to talk with any of our employees at the firm before you are asked to accept.

Attorney Positions
Historically, while some of our attorneys have joined us directly from law school, we also currently seek attorneys experienced in our practice area. Scott Cole & Associates encourages both new admitees as well as seasoned employment law litigators to contact our firm to discuss the availability of these positions.

Summer Associate Positions
The summer associate program drives our attorney hiring efforts. Our hiring goal is to provide a diverse group of outstanding students with the opportunity to work with Scott Cole & Associates attorneys and learn firsthand about our practice areas. Our expectations of summer associates are high and our standards are rigorous. The summer program enables us to evaluate the legal skills of developing lawyers in a real-world, not a “make-work,” environment.

Participants work on legal matters similar to those assigned to full-time associates. They travel to client locations, assist our attorneys in addressing client needs and gain familiarity with depositions and court proceedings.

Each successful candidate for this program is assigned as the “point” summer associate for several of our active cases and works directly with the attorney who serves as the “point” attorney on the respective matter(s). Additionally, each summer associate is generally asked to work on a variety of other legal matters, as the need arises. This feature of our program of getting students actively involved in a variety of legal actions and, additionally, offering them specific and advanced responsibility over several active matters as a “point” person provides our summer associates with an exposure to a wide range of issues while also allowing them to track the day-to-day progress of a smaller number of particular cases. Through this approach, our summer associates learn the law as well as the practical aspects of class action litigation.

In past years, we have made offers of permanent employment to summer associates who demonstrated a high grasp of our practice area and the skills to help maintain our firm’s preeminent status in employment litigation. On occasion, summer associates who accept our offers are given the opportunity to work as part-time research assistants during the school year. This gives students an additional opportunity to familiarize themselves with the firm.

Support Staff Positions
Scott Cole & Associates is constantly seeking motivated individuals with exemplary legal and administrative skills for support staff positions. Depending on the positions available, legal experience, while preferred, is not necessarily required. What we do require are exceptional interpersonal, technological and independent-thinking skills as well as a winning attitude, the same qualities possessed by our current staff.